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We are a community of website designers and enthusiasts

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But, we’ve noticed starting isn’t always easy…


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So we’ve collected some helpful links:

How-To Videos

Official Squarespace Training

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Many Pixles

Color Selection Tool

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Official Squarespace gallery

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The Noun Project

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Simple Website

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And design principles:

Clearn Intent - Show and share your purpose

Meaningful Content - Helpful and direct

Intuitive Navigation - Keep it simple

Cohesive Design - Less is more

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Some common questions:


Why Squarespace?

We prefer Squarespace for simple websites because it looks great, is easy to use and allows for more advanced customization, if needed. However, other sites are sometimes preferred. Some other popular website building platforms include Weebly, Wix, Wordpress, Shopify and BigCommerce.

What if I’m not ready?

Sometimes it is difficult to build a website because you haven’t fully developed your a vision for the value you offer. Creating a website can actually be a great exercise in refining your vision, including how you define, communicate and show your value. For some examples on how others have done this, check out our examples page.

Should I build it myself?

We encourage you to try! It takes time and effort but could save you money and prepare you to make future updates yourself. Additionaly, if the 2-week Squarespace trial isn’t long enough, we can extend it to 6-months. Otherwise, investing in a professional designer can make all the difference in speed and quality.

What costs should I consider?

Each website requires a Squarespace subscription to go-live (see rates) and a domain name. You can get a free domain through Squarespace if purchasing a year subscription. Otherwise, GoDaddy is a simple domain hosting service. You may also have designer fees if you hire someone for help, which can vary widely.


And Some Examples

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And if you hire a designer, consider the following:








But, we think you can do this.

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